Our innovative, brain science-centered approach to learning helps you make lasting behavior changes:

Our behaviors are driven by the wiring in our brains, our beliefs and mindsets, and the habits and patterns of our thinking. 

And the trouble is, you can’t change something that you don’t see. Our curriculum is designed to help you understand your wiring, recognize your beliefs and mindsets, and see your own thinking habits and patterns. 

When you can change your thinking, you start to create new patterns of habits and thinking and you can change your behaviors with greater consistency over time.

"One thing that is a good take away and that I understand better now is that I have power not just to transform myself - I have tools to grow, develop, and lead others. I hope to move beyond awareness and towards action!"

- Thought Design Course Participant

Hi! We're Denise and Tara!

Veteran executive coach and thought leader Denise VanEck has dedicated her career to helping individuals and some of the nation’s largest brands perform more effectively and collaboratively. She created Thought Design in 2013 to allow her to create and curate the physical environment for her high-performance thinking programs.

Tara Colvin is a coach, trainer, and facilitator who partners with leaders and teams to grow their thinking. After spending a decade formally leading in the education world, Tara knows what it takes to nurture culture with intention, rally a team around a powerful vision, direct strategy, and develop others. She is passionate about helping people, learning new things, and supporting people and processes to reach their full potential!

Thought Design creates transformative learning experiences for adults that change the way they think and live in the world. We design unique experiences using brain science, adult development science, and learning science to help individuals and teams unlock their full potential. Through our research and development in the areas of failure, psychological safety, and imposter syndrome, we are creating approachable, actionable, and deeply transformative experiences for people to explore leadership, diversity/inclusion, complexity, and innovation.